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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not dead, just sleeping

Between moping, getting busy, getting bored, and getting the flu, I just haven't had much to post. My digital camera is being a pain and won't let me upload recent images of my henna work on Monica's back... although that's probably for the best, since all of the "real" henna artists would probably just laugh. It turned out okay, but it could have been better.


Our local reenactment group puts on an event each spring called the Feast of Three Saints; there is also an additional revered something that changes each year, so that the full name of the event is, for example, "Three Saints and a Parrot" from a couple years ago.

Well, being medieval reenactors, and having saints, it was decided that we needed "icons" to serve as our event passes. Almost every event produces one in keeping with its theme, some of which are real collector's items (handmade glass beads, pewter "pilgrim badges", and a miniature working sextant!!!) come to mind). One of my favorites is the medieval casino, whose pass is a pouch of coins to start off your winning streak, and bid on their auction items later that evening.

Anyway. Icons. It's the work of half an hour to draw one up and paint it with watercolors; I know this because I've made them all, since 2003 when we first adopted the Three Saints concept. This year, the event was "..and the Hare (of the Dog)." It's funny how almost all of the animals we use can be found in illustrations from the Hunting Manual of Gaston Phebus, which means I have a ready source to help make the cards look more medieval.

Good thing this year, since not only did I wait till the last minute, I was getting slapped around by the flu virus while I worked.

The crazy thing is, people have started collecting these, too. It's gotten to where the black-and-white version is our event pass, and we reserve the color copies to sell. But, you know, between three saint cards and six animal cards, I suppose the fanatics are building up a decent little pack.

By the time I'm 79, they should have enough to make a full deck.

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