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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New directions

I got a phone call last night to work a bridal shower! I'm not sure which is more exciting - that I'll be doing the shower, that the lady heard about me from two different sources, or that I finally figured out a party rate that I think will be fair for all parties.

For those curious: Parties consist of a non-refundable $30 booking fee, and then a design-per-guest charge which the HOST gets to set. For example, if you want your eight-year-olds to have simple designs, you would probably be looking at $2 to $5 per kid. For something bigger and fancier, oh I don't know, say a bridal shower?, you might consider something like $10 per guest to cover more detailed or larger work.

I REALLY like this structure, because the host gets to determine how much they are willing or able to pay, thus how detailed the work will be for each of their guests. I get an idea ahead of time of how much work I will be expected to do, and the guests themselves have the opportunity to pay for any additional work at a reduced price, since the host will be covering the first part of the design cost.
(In other words, if you want a $15 design, and your host has covered $10 of that, then you would only need to pay $5 to make up the difference.)


I'll have to add more later about the "new directions" I'm going with books, origami (husband is already rolling his eyes), and a nifty book I just learned about titled Snoop. At the moment I'm on the verge of being late for a doctor's appointment that has been rescheduled twice now. Stupid physicals.

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