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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Global Fest

I had entirely too much fun. The event ran from 10am to 9pm, and my first customer arrived right around 10:15. After a short lull leading up to 11am, I was in-demand literally non-stop for the rest of the day. Even when I didn't have a line of guests, I would still finish on one client and look up to see a new one waiting.

I needed help getting food (THANK YOU to Amy and the unknown lady who took care of bringing me lunch and dinner). Lunch was eaten in bites over about three hours; dinner held off until I was able to wrap up, and then inhaled at record speed.

To keep things moving, it was decided that I would only work on my smaller designs, rather than hold up an entire line of people while I did a half-hour mega-design on someone. We're guessing that I averaged five minutes per design, which for me is terrific - one of my worries has been that I might be too slow for people to want to sit still while I work.

Of course, you're probably only reading this to see the pictures - fear not, I have them! I mostly only took photos of custom work as opposed to designs out of the catalog; on the other hand, in order to meet the speed and size requirements, almost everything in the catalog needed to be modified anyway.

Regardless, here you go:



  1. So these are not real tatoos? If so how fun for someone who doesn't want anything permanent!

  2. Nah, real tattoos involve needles and people prefer a sterile environment to do them in - as opposed to, say, the farmer's market!

    The art form itself is literally thousands of years old and has been practiced wherever the henna plant grows naturally. People just love to decorate themselves, I guess.

    Oh, and I've had a couple of people now come to me with a tattoo idea that they wanted to "test drive" - if they like it, they plan to go and make it permanent. How cool is that?

    For more info, I strongly recommend that you visit The Henna Page