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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coming up for air

Just a few thoughts between finishing work for the day and starting dinner; random things that occur to me while working:

Damn, who knew John Mellencamp's songs had so many cowbell solos? (Listening to music while I work, these things get noticed.)

Is there anyone on the planet who can understand ANY of the lyrics to ANY of Rusted Root's music? Or do you have to be stoned first?

If any ultra-thin, lighter than tissue paper, sheet of metal leaf could be refered to as a "tank", then copper leaf is a tank. I can do things with it that would destroy my gold; in fact, sometimes I have to.

If I wanted to take the time away from the table to edit and upload photos, I could tease all two of my readers with work-in-progress pics. But I think those will have to wait till the piece is done - I'm still pretty sure I can meet the deadline, but it's going to be a close one.

Looking at the piece as it comes together, I can't help but reiterate to myself that I kick ass. It's nice to be reminded once in awhile. I. Kick. ASS. (Verification to come soon, I promise.)


And now, starving.


  1. O.K. Three readers and spreading.
    Your photos of process could use a little tweaking of the focus, but they are a GREAT resource! my gosh they show everything! Thank you so very much from the damp, raw cold, damp, East/Atlantia border (but not debatable) damp area.
    Peter (The indampitable, undisputable Goldsmith).

  2. Yeah, when you get a camera with auto-focus, it's difficult to really tell it what to do. Most of those photos were taken with me standing on my workchair, looking straight down, and trying not to breathe too much. I left out a couple of photos that showed my feet, peeking out from the edge of the table.