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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Because you're all just dying to know…

…and because I feel like it's a good thing to stay relatively current on the blog even when not much is happening.

Octoberfest was a bust on many, many levels.  Rotten weather, rotten turnout, rotten income – all connected, naturally.  Compound that with the organizers being extremely short-handed (and a much smaller planning team compared to the year prior), and the knowledge that I could have been at any one of four or five other events that I would have really enjoyed, and you end up with a Bad Day.

The capper was when the tent threatened to blow away, and my beloved husband was forced to come dashing out of the restaurant where he and darling daughter were having dinner, so he could help me drop the tent legs and keep the thing on the ground.  I ended up bent over inside getting things put away, and whacking my head on the exact center of the roof frame…  that would be the part where all the nuts and bolts come together, and stick out, and HURT when you walk into them scalp-first.

Yeah, after having been near tears from stress for much of the previous hour, hitting my head ended up being the final straw.  In other words, I wasn't near tears anymore, I was in tears.


I had an extremely strongly worded (read: blistering) lecture/rant/email all planned out in my head, until I found out about the organizers' own problems, and then I just couldn't bring myself to send it.  Those guys had enough on their plate.  Plus, let's face it, I wouldn't have actually unleashed fire and brimstone on a real live human being no matter how tempting it might have been.  I have this pesky ability to put myself in other people's shoes, along with a very strong internal censor, which means I'll think a fiery blue streak if I get upset enough, but I won't actually say any of it.  Very few people (in my world, at least) actually deserve to be ripped into, so I don't; it's that simple.

I still kinda wish I could at least share the rant I would have ranted, but in the interests of professionalism and karma, I'm thinkin' it's time to just let it go.

Um, if you see me anywhere in the next month or so, make sure I'm letting it go, okay?


This post was almost three times as long as it is right now, until I chopped the gardening stuff out and put it in an article of its own; so instead I'll just say that the embroidery is making progress and I'm getting all excited, again.

For some reason, it worked out that each area of the design has its own family of colors, and for the most part, the colors don't overlap.  So starting the ground meant breaking out the yellow/orange/warm browns; the only reds anywhere in the picture are in the lady's sleeves (rust shades) and the girl's gown (pinks); the only blue will be the background; and so on.

Right now, the only colors I have left in the bag are about six different greens, and the blues to go into the background.  And last night I finally started on the greens.

The green tones are actually the only ones that show up in more than one area; the leaves on the trees, the lady's gown, and possibly some detail on the ground where the figures are standing, are all green.  I've tried to keep the olive greens in the tree and the cooler shades in the gown; and the leaves will only have two shades, while the lady's gown has five covering all the highlights and shadows.  Regardless, green to me says "home stretch" even if only about half the total area is actually filled in right now.

What can I say, I'm easily amused.  Throw pretty colors at me and I get all excited and distracted and stuff.


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