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Thursday, October 1, 2009

OctoberFest, here I come!

Well, everyone, it looks like things are coming together for this weekend's OctoberFest, Saturday from 10am onward, in downtown Main Street of good old Lafayette.  I've got a fresh batch of henna, new business cards on order (pray they arrive Friday so I'll have them in time), and I even figured out how to put walls on this pop-up shelter, in case of rotten weather.

Good thing, too, since it looks like we'll have beautiful weather for the next ten days except for Saturday.  I'll have to see about bringing along the camp space heater - safe for in tents, and I promise you, very effective at bringing the toasty warm goodness.

Now I just need to sit down for a marathon session of rolling cellophane cones, for to fill with henna glop (it's a technical term), for to bring to the festival, for to hopefully use all up on eager and willing customers.

Hope to see folks there!  I'll be located closer to 6th Street, between the antique booths and the kid-friendly stage.  It seemed like a smarter spot to be than in between the fire truck display and the car show, farther up the hill.


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