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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sneaking into henna season


The farmer's market kicked off this past Wednesday.  The mayor was there, news crews were there, and I was there.

However, my sign was not there, friendly and non-threatening skies were not there… and customers were not there.  Not for me, anyway.

I've recently been hired at a nearby greenhouse to help with the spring rush (and hopefully beyond that), and I will be putting my first or second paycheck into getting a decent sign for the booth.  I'm thinking of going really over the top and getting something visible from more than three feet away.  Maybe even something that I didn't make myself on a disposable plastic tablecloth with Sharpie markers.

I know, I know, I'm out of control.  Wooo.

(Don't knock the Sharpies-on-tablecloth thing, though; that was my sign for the past two years and it did its job well.)


This past Saturday was the first Mosey Down Main Street, which I really wanted to attend, but all that day it looked like it was going to turn out to be the Shiver-In-The-Howling-Wind Down Main Street instead.  So I stayed home, switched the house's furnace back on, and tried not to regret my decision too much.

Next time, Mosey… next time.  We will meet again.


In other news, I'm working at a greenhouse!  I have a steady paycheck!  I'm surrounded by green and growing things and so far I haven't had to water any of them!

I'm still new enough that I haven't gotten all the shiny rubbed off of me yet, but I have figured out pretty quickly that it's nearly impossible to be grumpy when you can look out across a sea of blooming plants in every color of the rainbow.  Even the customers aren't grumpy, or at least they get noticeably less grumpy as soon as they cross over from the store/checkout area into the greenhouse proper.

Yay, plants!


Hope your Mother's Day was a good one, whether you are a mother yourself or just descended from one.  We collected the kid from her grandparents' house where she had spent the weekend, ate seafood prepared in a variety of unhealthy-yet-tasty ways, and drove home.  While she was gone, I got to watch not one, but two movies (in an actual theater and everything), which is more than I've seen in the past six months, easily.  The last time I saw a movie at all was in December when Sherlock Holmes came out, so you'll forgive me if I seem a little over-excited about actually getting to another film without having to wait to get the DVD as a gift from the in-laws.

All I can say is, Iron Man 2 is good, and How to Train Your Dragon is breathtaking, great, amazing, and I want to go watch it again right now.


There's other stuff, but I'm a little tired – seeing great movies keeps me awake because my imagination keeps either reliving or adding to the story – and I have to work tomorrow, and so on and yadda and all that.  The only thing I have left to say is that my outgoing email continues to not work, and we can't figure out why.  Inbound email operates just fine, but I can't send anything – so if you're trying to reach me for a henna booking, or any other reason, I'd appreciate it if you included a phone number and a time I might be able to reach you.

Cheers, and talk to you soon.

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