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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Henna photos!

I'm finally taking the time to dig through my email backlog, and post some photos that you all have been gracious enough to send to me.  Here are some from a birthday party booking back in March (I know, I know).

3-16-10 Hand1

This client loved elephants and thought it was pretty cool that I could draw a reasonable looking one upside down.  Next time I'll try to avoid the Mickey Mouse ears.

3-16-10 Hand2

3-16-10 Hand3

If you've never gotten henna before, the thicker skin on your palms can absorb much more color than the backs of your hands can.  It looks good on the back of your hand – you've seen photos here that prove that – but it looks phenomenal on your palms.

3-16-10 Hand4

This was a fun, active party, and most of the ladies wanted to socialize rather than sit for complex henna designs.  This was not a problem as far as I was concerned!

3-16-10 Hand5

Special thanks to the party's designated camera girl, Mega Rae, for sending these to me.  Naturally, special thanks also go to Rachael for booking me and for the party's hosts for having me – even though I showed up as scheduled, I was first to the party by a good half-hour, and they were very gracious about having a total stranger in their home.

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