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Monday, March 31, 2008

Fiddly Bits, late nights, and orange hands

Well, this weekend was the third "housewarming" party for my friends Adam and Katy - it isn't that they move around that much; they just like to host one every six months or so - and I brought my henna along to get in some practice and use up the oversize batch I had made.

Note to self: four ounces is the same as "not enough" pop, a "reasonable" cheeseburger, and a LOT of henna.

I worked for five hours on Saturday evening, and since we spent the night, I got in a couple more hours on Sunday morning, putting a really elaborate design on Sybil's foot for her.

So, the meaning behind the title of this post:
  • "Fiddly Bits" should be obvious;
  • I was up till 2am, working henna magic till roughly midnight, hence "late nights";
  • as for "orange hands", my henna applicator wasn't closed tightly enough, so I had to clean it periodically, and my hands got a little dye job of their own into the bargain.
Another friend, Jared, was kind enough to take photos of all my work on everyone, with an eye toward building an artist's portfolio for potential clients to look over and be enticed by. I hope to be able to post at least a couple of them soon.

It was also nice - actually, it was terrific - to go to a party as my somewhat introverted self, and have a way to participate that still allowed me a little bubble of relative isolation. My usual tactic is to become anti-social and hide in a book all night, but this worked way better.

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  1. Belly henna is HUGE with pregnant women... You should contact the local doulas and let them know that you do henna, and if they have any clients...

    Full of bright ideas here, aren't I?