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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Issues with self-confidence

I have a million ideas, I'm a skilled writer, but I'm not so great with the marketing. What little I've done suggests, strongly, that the markets I thought would want my booklets are actually not interested, because they have plenty of other sources available to them.

Things are still up in the air regarding teaching the classes at the pottery studio.

The mosaic booklet has sold zero copies despite my efforts to date - although in fairness, there is still plenty that I can do to promote it without annoying anyone except, possibly, me.

I haven't done any calligraphy in months, except for a commission in February that took me three hours to finish; the calligraphy space is currently occupied by a mosaic that has remained in the same state of "unfinished" as it was when I started writing the booklet.

Okay, yes, I suffer frrom depression and it's easier for me to become discouraged than to become my own cheerleader; but still. My efforts aren't bearing any fruit right now, the one with the best chance of becoming a regular job (calligraphy) is in stasis, and here I am creating a blog about my "career". I'm feeling kind of like a hypocrite, and a failure.


And this blog was originally meant to focus on the art and the writing, and serve as a bit of a marketing tool, but I don't know that telling the world I think I'm a hypocrite is really going to help me sell much of anything.

Like I said. Issues with self-confidence. Maybe I should eat some breakfast and see if that helps my mood.

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  1. Heather, you finished the booklet like 15 minutes ago. Give it a little time.

    Why not look for online forums about whatever your booklet is about, and send me the address for the forums, and I'll go in there and say, "Hey, y'all, I read this great booklet..." :) That's marketing, baby, and I'm good at it.

    Loved your comment on my blog today, BTW.

    As for calligraphy, have you talked to the wedding coordinators in this area? I would contact all the local bridal consultants and do what you have to do to get on their list of vendors. It may not be Art but it will bring income, get your name out there, and get you working.

    You can always set up a professional website, too. Have you thought of putting a listing on eBay? For custom calligraphy? For your booklet?

    We'll talk today - I have lots of ideas. I'll take a 10% cut!! :)