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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Henna magic - now in technicolor!

As promised, here are a few henna images from the recent housewarming at Adam and Katy's. Special thanks to Jared for taking these excellent pictures!

For those unfamiliar with henna, what you're seeing here is the applied henna "paste"; once it dries, you can flake it off and the skin underneath will be dyed. The stain will start orange-ish and darken to brown, then remain on the skin for around ten days.

One of the first hands of the evening; I was still getting warmed up, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

As my confidence grew, so did the intricacy of the work (big surprise).

Amalie was willing to let me decorate both her arms in a vinework pattern, which I'm very comfortable and familiar with. This went more quickly than I could have guessed.

Arm closeup. I laid the vinework down the entire forearm, but the level of detail I incorporated increased the closer I got to the hand.

I kind of hijacked Sybil's foot the next morning, and worked off a pattern for the first time. In this picture, the henna isn't completely dry yet, so you can see the greenish-brown color of the wet stuff near her ankle, drying to dark brown across the toes. I was thrilled with how this pattern turned out.

*ahem* My rates are cheap, you know... they'll only go up as I gain in expertise, so really, you're saving money by letting me practice on you now...

I'm just sayin'.


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful! You have so much talent. I wish I could sit still long enough to let you practice on me, but I would be freaking out after one finger. I'm just ADD like that.


  2. Nah, it doesn't have to take that long - I could have the back of your hand done in something like that "snowflake" inside of ten minutes, give or take.

    Or, you know, you could write in your blog while I worked on your feet. That way you'd actually be sitting still...

  3. Hey you - you don't have any "contact me" button on your blog, which makes it hard for henna seekers to find you... I'm pretty sure your insight address is no longer usable since Comcast took over, so I don't know where to e-mail you! Ack!

    Anyway, YES to a playdate and lobster search. MG has been asking to "look at the pictures of Meelia!" a TON lately. Do you guys have any plans tomorrow? I have a lunch date, but should be home by 2...