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Saturday, May 24, 2008

As promised

Jennifer has been sick, and wasn't able to email the pictures to me, but she did direct me to her MySpace page... where I promptly downloaded all the photos of my work. Here is the one that I've been raving about:

After she removed the paste and let it darken for a bit, she took this photo:

Hopefully now people can see what I've been so excited about.

The fun part of collecting these images was reading the comments that people had posted to Jennifer's page - there was one forearm design I did, where a commenter said that they would consider "getting that inked for real".

So apparently I'm the tattoo artist for people with commitment issues.


No photos for yesterday's gig at the same location, but I did some entertaining knotwork, a couple of touchups ("I like what you did last week, can you just do that again except for this part that's still dark?"), and the two best parts were, 1: the cute little design I did for a nervous young woman whose friends had had a bad experience (likely with so-called "black henna"), and 2: the mom who let me put a snowflake on her young daughter, showed me a picture of her high-school age daughter, and suggested booking me for a party. Rock star!

Probably I should get off my tuckus and finish the contract for the Farmer's Market, so I can get a second regular gig going for more than just tips. I won't leave the store table, though, because it gives me a chance to practice, experiment, and not charge money while I work the bugs out of my technique.

That reminds me: the same day I said I needed a job, I got one doing data entry for a friend of mine who runs his own business. He finds data entry to be mind-numbing, so he farms it out.

All in all, things are looking good in this part of my life.

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