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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forgot to mention

One of the local herb/health food shops has booked me to work henna magic outside their front door tomorrow (Friday),from noon to 4pm.

There are two major shops in town for this sort of thing - on the east, it's Nature's Pharm, and on the west it's Sunspot Market. They're both interested and receptive to the idea, but so far I've only been able to speak to the head manager at one place, hence not getting booked at both shops.

Also, I need to look for part-time work with consistent hours and pay (which henna, alas, does not provide). Any suggestions?

And for the time being, "fast food" is not a suggestion, it's an invitation to lunch.

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  1. I looked for you yesterday at the WLaf Market, but didn't see you. :( Which side of town are you going to be on?

    As for part time work, why not sign up with one of the temp agencies (Express is my favorite) to do light clerical stuff (where generally you sit there and hold down a desk while someone's sick, and occasionally answer the phone) here and there?