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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hmm, I guess maybe I am a farmer

The nice people at the "west side" Farmer's Market had never heard of henna art before, but were kind enough to chat with me, check out the pictures right here on this very blog, talk it over with the various "channels", and... they called me back and said, verbatim, "We think you would be a welcome addition" to the market! Whee!

My daughter loved my hand the last time I put a bird on it, so this is virtually identical to that first one (no picture for it), only a bit more elaborate - smaller leaves, little fill dots, all that good stuff. I didn't seal the henna to keep it from peeling off, so some of it was gone within four hours, while the leaves along the outside heel of the hand stayed intact till about 1:30 am, when I decided to remove the paste that was left. Hence the darker stain. Considering that this is supposed to be "cheap lousy" henna, I'm pretty impressed.

Actually, I worked on this design while I was at another of those re-enactment events this past weekend, and people who saw me were intrigued enough that I ended up working on four other hands, feet, and ankles. And I got real tips this time. I just spent them today (excuse me, "rolled the profits back into the business") on another couple bottles of essential oils. Not everyone likes tea tree, after all.

I do wish, however, that someone had warned me that all the best essential oils for use in henna are also the most expensive on the shelf.


  1. Cool!! Congratulations!

    I'll see you there when we pick up our agricultural share!


  2. Well, there's the small matter of filling out and turning in the contract, so I can't start quite yet, but I will be there soon (I hope).