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Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm not actually a farmer, but...

Just got off the phone with representatives from the two farmers' markets in our area. Assuming that they decide henna isn't too weird for them, I might be able to get a booth at one or both markets, and work enough henna magic to earn my lunch money (or at least to cover the booth fees, I'm not picky).

Lafayette I'm not so sure about; they seem to have a slightly stricter policy on who can and can't sell there, and I don't know for certain that I fit. There's something of a more conservative, traditional "feel" there from the visits I've made. West side, though, feels a little more like a mini-carnival. They have t-shirt and jewelry sellers as well as the fruits and veggies (and homemade cookies!), and I feel pretty confident that I'd fit right in, if they'll have me.

Crossed fingers and knocking on wood - let's hope for a good outcome.

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