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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is "kick ass" a marketing term?

So, as I described last time, on Friday I was booked to set up outside the entrance to a local health food/herbal place and do henna; I think this counts as my first booking. This pleases me. *grin*

Anyway, I set up in the shade I mention this because I got a reflected sunburn anyway), put out my tip jar, and hung out. Pretty much everyone I worked on was either an employee or a friend/offspring of an employee, but since I did somewhere around ten designs (I lost track) and actually walked away with some cash in the tip jar, I didn't mind.

Even better was the part where the store staff said they loved having me, and wanted me to come back next Friday. They'd prefer Saturdays since they get more traffic then (yay!), but my weekends are not good this entire month. Maybe in June we can set something up, which would rock.

One of the employees (we'll call her "Jennifer") looks to become my first regular customer; she was so excited that I was coming that she dressed up for the occasion, took one look at my sketches and the work on my hands, and said, "free rein!" She did take photos, and she did promise to email them to me, which is good, because I was really happy with just about every design I did. And I was ecstatic with the one I did for her.

Lately, for no good reason I've been obsessed with Arabian/Persian-rug type patterns instead of the Indian stuff I've been learning. I'd had an idea that morning for a pattern that I wanted to incorporate somehow, and Jennifer seemed to be the person to try it with. It turned out approximately ten times better than I had anticipated. We both freaked out with joy; and then she worked the cash register for the next several hours, so lots of customers got to see it and also freak out with joy. Assuming I get those photos soon, I will definitely add that one to my blog for y'all.


I never intended for this blog to become strictly about henna; things just seem to be working beautifully in that aspect of my life, and I'm willing to run with it as far as I possibly can. I do intend to sit down this week and complete the unfinished mosaic that's been sitting on my table for way, way too long now. Of course, I'm doing that to free up space for my cutting mat, so I can make more henna cones... but let's not go there right now, let's just discuss the mosaic!


And now, my daughter would like to say something.
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