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Thursday, July 31, 2008

To reassure my adoring fans...

Yeah. Assuming I a: have fans at all, b: number of fans > 1, c: actually adore me.

Anyway. I wasn't at the farmer's market yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I'm much better today, just a bit tired. Note to self: don't eat there on a day you need to go somewhere.


I did, however, make more progress on the mosaic, and now I remember why I stopped.

Basically, the red tiles that I'm using must have come from a different manufacturer than all my other tiles, because instead of having these straight lines across the back (really easy to trim to shape), they have some kind of waffle pattern, and there's no guarantee what kind of shape you're going to end up with. I have a number of pieces that look like Massachusetts, which would be fine except I was going for squares...!

If you're curious, red, yellow, and orange tend to cost much more than other glass mosaic tiles, because of the pigments used.

Also if you're curious, I got mine from wonderfully nice people in New Jersey who operate Mosaic Glass Tile Enterprise. I never realized there were so many different KINDS of glass tiles available to the people who make kitchen backsplashes or, y'know, restrooms in shopping malls and theaters.

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