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Monday, July 28, 2008


Global-fest, Global-fest, oh global Global-fest
Global Fest!
Ba-dum bum bum...

Saturday August 30, Morton Community Center!
I really want to attend this, and the coordinator really wants to have me!

BUT, I'm not officially booked quite yet - all that is pending feedback from a planning committee.

Hopefully I'll be allowed to charge a *little* bit of money while I'm there. If it looks like I won't have any chance to at least earn lunch money, I'll probably end up heading to an event up near Chicago instead. That won't be a henna thing, that will be a chance to see friends I haven't visited with in close to a year.



I managed to add about five red tiles to the mosaic that has been sitting unfinished on my project table since about November. Yes yes, and you should see the state of my flower beds and the pile of clean-yet-not-put-away laundry, too.


On that note, there's a nifty book out titled Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, that has me all curious and intrigued. I plan to check it out of the library as soon as it comes back in. Basically, the idea is that your personality affects everything from what you like to wear to how you like to decorate, and to a trained eye that means we leave clues about ourselves all over the place. The book sort of explains those clues, and how they can be "read back" to find out about the personality who left them.

Right now, my house isn't saying anything too flattering, but I'm working on it. I'm just thrilled to finally have my CD collection alphabetized, and to have started consolidating all the books we own into one big stack so I can start sorting them as well.


I am a nerd.

Most people who make origami go for flowers or little birds and things, right? I am learning how to make flat, regular polygons (octagons, pentagons, all those), which I then will be able to join together to make three-dimensional shapes like cubes, pyramids, dodecahedrons, and other crazy things.

My brain is enjoying a trip back to Geometry-land for the first time since, oh, 11th grade.

I am SUCH a nerd.

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