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Monday, August 4, 2008

Too. Much. Fun.

Went to my first booking yesterday, a bridal shower for a poor young woman who has something like FOUR showers planned by all her various friends and family. The hostess for this one wanted to give her something different... so she got me. AND three bellydancers from our local troupe, AND lessons, AND music to take with them in case they want to perform at their wedding reception.

Heh. My own wedding alternated 80s music with 16th century country dances... I wouldn't have minded bellydance, although not much would have shown up thanks to the hoop skirt in my gown.

There were something like eight or nine ladies there all told, and they all got henna, some of which I'm happy with, some of which I'm REALLY happy with.

Special thanks to Catherine Cartwrighte Jones of The Henna Page for the copyrighted-yet-free patterns which I made use of for over half my clients yesterday. I especially liked how these two came out:

The hostess was happy enough that she sent me home with leftover cake! On the other hand, that may have been because I showed her a picture of my daughter, who really is cute enough to cause that kind of reaction.


In the meantime, my next booking isn't until Globalfest on August 30th, and that isn't a "booking" so much as an event. I'm still looking forward to it, though.

Now, if only I didn't get paranoid about the wind every week, out at the Farmer's Market... my sun-shade took a hit a few weeks back from a hard gust, and now parts are being held together with duct tape, and I can't help but get a little twitchy whenever I set up.


Mosaic progress is actually happening. Slowly. Stupid red Massachusettses.

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