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Friday, October 10, 2008

And now, something different

The weather didn't look trustworthy. I chose not to go to the farmer's market. The weather proceeded to get all sunny and gorgeous.

Farmer's market is about done for the season anyway - so now it's time for me to either put the henna away till spring, or start advertising for bookings, birthday parties and that kind of thing.

I've never liked marketing... maybe I'm just lazy.


Speaking of lazy, the mosaic is still waiting for me to get it into the mold and pour the cement. I'll get there, maybe even today.


I've mentioned before that I come up with the absolute dippiest songs to sing to my kid (and how thrilled I am that she seems to be starting to do the same thing). Well, I do have one song I put together that I can actually proud of - not that I have any shame whatsoever about singing the other little things - and I wanted to write the lyrics down before I forget them. I don't sing it to her often anymore, partly because she doesn't usually have the patience for a slow waltzing lullaby right now.

Anyway, um, here.

Evening has come, the day is done
Look all around, the light has gone
Th' wind in the trees now sighs and yawns,
"Hush little one, the day is done."

Evening has come, it's time to sleep
Sun's going down, her bed to seek
Stars in the sky all seem to speak:
"Hush little one, it's time to sleep."

Evening has come, now rest your head
Rivers and streams flow to their beds
The whispering waves on th' shore have said,
"Hish little one, now rest your head."

Evening has come, it's time to rest
Rabbits and deer have found their nests
Till morning comes, I'll love you best -
Hush little one, it's time to rest.

(c) 2007, so don't go takin' credit for words you didn't write, or you'll make the little babies cry.

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