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Monday, December 22, 2008

Between projects


I have this aimless drifty feeling going on, again. I don't like it. It's depressing.

Potential things I could/should be working on:

  1. Next mosaic in the series - this would be #4 of twelve, and it's only taken me two or three years to get the first three done...
  2. Embroidery belt favor and/or purse. The style I intend to use would mean about three or four hundred hours if I were to make a purse, but if you've followed this blog for any length of time, you realize that this is just another draw for me. I need help, people.
  3. Finish a calligraphy thing I found while working on the other big one. This would just need a bit of finishing detail and then to be mailed off to California.
  4. Lucet cords to lace up Amelia's new dresses. Lucet is actually really easy; if I didn't get motion sick in the car, I'd work on it during the drive down to visit the in-laws in South Carolina.
  5. Clean things. Around the house. Like a responsible adult.
  6. Get a job. *headdesk* Prove that I am not, in fact, an unemployable blot upon society.

*sigh* Why doesn't chocolate therapy work for things like poverty?


Also, it's now been fourteen or fifteen days since I finished work on the big calligraphy thing, and my thumb is still a little sensitive, and the skin there and on my fingertip is starting to peel. I was expecting that, having overdone it on a project before.


Holidays. I like celebrating stuff, I guess... but the disruption to my routine throws me for a loop much, much more than it ever did when I was younger. It feels sometimes like I don't really recover my balance again until March. I guess that officially means I'm unstable - heh, as if I needed that confirmed or anything.

Do I sound depressed? (um, yes.) Is that likely to help me market my leet mad henna-slinging skeelz? (um, no.)

I'll be over here with my head on the desk. I've at least learned not to pound it against the keyboard - the dents in my forehead make me look silly.

1 comment:

  1. 1) I can vouch that you are not unemployable.

    I suppose now that we're past that first year, it is time for us to make it a CONSCIOUS decision: does he start job hunting, or continue to take wonderful care of our lad?

    (Since we are thinking of a second, it might be better for us to wait a little longer)

    Going down to one salary was HARD. Moving helped a lot. And we switched, I took over the finances and made some changes to what we were doing (Excel sheet spending plan...)

    2) On the thumb... the Korean archery we learned uses a thumb draw. We were told that after it blisters & bleeds seven times, then the thumb would be conditioned for archery. That *might* work for your calligraphy, if you want to try it ;)