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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I originally put this blog together as an attempt to A: market the henna (and any other artsy-fartsy stuff that people would be willing to pay me for) and B: to avoid whining daily about my clinical depression and the joys of therapy and angst.


I have opinions. I have rants. I have a long discourse on Daylight Saving Time and why it's stupid and should be done away with. I have answers to all the world's problems, most of them come up with in twenty minutes or less because I am just that smart.


So, do I follow the general rule of "it's my blog and I can rant if I want to", risking the effectiveness of the blog as a marketing aid, or do I keep things inoffensive and get all irritated that I'm not allowing myself an outlet to vent? Or do I create yet another blog in addition to the two I already have? (And you're not getting the address to the other one - see above re: whining.)

I just don't know.


  1. I keep two blogs plus Notes on my Facebook page. One blog is very public and also very anonymous. I use it to post my more social/political thoughts. (And I'm not shy about discussing breastfeeding.) Another blog requires a user id to read, is semi-anonymous (I have a few readers who know who I am), and is where I'll do some of my soul-searching (all the while knowing that it's only private if I set it so). My Facebook profile is set to "Friends only". Mostly I feed the public blog to it, but occasionally I'll post things that interest me.

    Everything depends on your level of comfort with public / private discussion.

    Some level of "rant" can help your readers understand you better, which might then encourage sales.

    On my semi-private blog, I've sometimes reconsidered and hidden entries that were once public, if I decide they're too whiny.