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Monday, December 22, 2008

An experiment in living off-line

I have an Internet problem. I like to say I can quit anytime I want, just like the characters in all those After-School Specials I watched as a kid; just like them, I can't actually. But at least I'm big enough to admit it, which in the specials usually only happened in like the last fifteen minutes of the show, right before the scene where they screw up their courage and Get Help, the commercial break, and then the scene where they're either All Better or starting to Get There.

My life doesn't have commercials. It would help if I had commercials, 'cause then I might know where I was at in the plot.


I've decided to try and download a desktop blogging thing, so I can write posts without going online, and only publish them in the evenings, and otherwise, stay the hell off the Internet in the hopes of becoming a productive member of society. If it helps, think of it as me getting a New Year's resolution underway now, so I can drop it on January 2 and feel guilty, just like the rest of you out there.

Oh YouTube, I'll miss you most of all. Hm. No... oh RSS feeds, I'll miss you most of all. Or maybe -- oh Wikipedia... or Dogpile...

How am I ever going to survive??

Feel free to drop me a comment or email in support or commiseration. I'll at least get moral support in the evenings, when I allow myself to go online again.

(I won't miss Facebook too much, I think...)


  1. Oh Heather, don't try to go cold turkey - you're setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at noon, and an hour after A. goes to bed. If that's still too much, cut back from there. But like a junkie, if you can see your next fix coming, you might be able to hold on.

    I killed our friendship bread. If you never want to speak to me again, I'll understand. ;)

  2. I'm addicted too, bigtime.

    What's easiest for me is when I go traveling. When I'm visiting relatives that don't have internet, I hang out with them and don't worry about it as much.

    Almost as good is to have plans that keep me/us out and about much of the day. Of course, then we end up checking on things before we leave and after we come home... and it's harder to go out when the weather's so cold.