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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life offline, Day 1

I. am in. Hell.

It's 11am and I've been off the computer all morning, and I have no idea what to do with myself.  My office space is COLD, because I haven't had the computer and monitor on to bestow their huge carbon-footprint friendly warmth upon me.

The urge to go surf YouTube is incredible.  The Internet is Borg, and I am Jean-Luc Picard.  Resistance certainly feels futile, at any rate, and I am starting to hear voices in my head…

Also – add to my list of places I miss.  I'm a geek – you do remember this, right? – and one of my geeky pleasures is to look up words, not to learn their meaning, but to learn their origin.  That would be "etymology" (as opposed to "entomology" which is the study of bugs).   I do incidentally also end up learning a lot more about the meaning of the words, too, but at the same time… geeking out about the likely Proto-Indo-European roots of words we use all the time is just, well, cool.

I am Edward Cullen, people, and the Internet is my Bella Swan.

My god, I'll have to go be productive soon just to keep from going insane.  Now I know how the pioneers got so much done – their connection speed was so horrible, they actually had more fun cutting down trees and draining swamps for farmland.


More to follow as I reach the breaking point, and just have to sit down and type something as a pacifier.


Also – I started sketching out ideas for the embroidery project I want to start after the holidays.  I've mentioned this before but not really remembered to include any info as to what it would actually look like, so here are a few links for you to explore.


Oh, this is just pathetic.  Trying to insert those links, my computer took me online instead of just listing the URLs for me – I heroically managed to resist surfing anywhere else, but I swear to you I felt a pang of anguish when I shut the browser down.

On the other hand, I'm kinda liking this Windows Live Writer thing; a lot of the commands are familiar to me already, so I'm actually able to do a little bit more with this than I could posting direct from Blogger.  Maybe I'll change my banner here before too long to something a little more personalized, rather than continuing to go with something that screams "template".

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