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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Totally absorbed my current calligraphy project. I have a deadline. I should be working on it right now. I may skip showering today.

Fear not, I am taking photos of the work in progress, but since right now it's just pencil and ink on light-colored paper, they're going to take some editing before any of the drawings are visible. I'm really proud of how they're turning out, though. Celtic art isn't just knotwork - it's also what my husband and I have been calling "twisty-bendy critters", largely because it's more fun to say that than to say "zoomorphs". I've got big capital letters with, y'know, beaks, and biting one another, and fun stuff like that.

The only drawing left to complete is the twisty-bendy people in the center of the composition; then it will be time for the instant gratification that is gilding. Yes, I know, I said it was delicate work. It is. But once the adhesive is laid down, you press the leaf in place through its tissue backing, lift the tissue away, and poof! Instant shiny.

I expect to get the gilding at least half done today, if not finished entirely. I am so stoked.

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