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Friday, January 9, 2009

Bits and pieces

Let's see.

First - I got no sleep last night, for no good reason (except maybe that I was mentally rewriting a novel I had just read to make the main character a little more realistic). So if any of the rest of this post sounds like, "Braiiinnnnnnss...", that's why.

Second - embroidery. I cut the fabric today, after shrinking it in hot water a day or so ago. Yes, this is slow. I'm a fan of huge projects that can be managed in teeeeeeeny tiny little chunks. Plus I haven't really given myself time to do anything else with it, because of:

Third - data entry. Braiiinnnnnnss... Actually, it's going pretty well. As long as I remember to keep the radio tuned to something cool, I can get into a groove and just do the thing. Also, technically I'm an independent contractor, not an employee, so I get to add my hours to a little invoice at the end of each day, and see how much money I've earned so far. That helps more than you'd think.

Fourth - Remember my calligraphy thing that I did back in December? My commission for it was a barter for a new pair of medieval-style shoes. They arrived yesterday; they fit great, and the black looks sharp. I am stylin' now, baby. Before too much longer, I'll actually resemble the drawing I made for the embroidery project. No, I still haven't scanned it.

Fifth - nah, there's nothing else. I just wanted another excuse to say "Braiinnnnnss..."

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