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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life offline, revised

So yeah, to make money, I'm doing data entry for a friend's business, in which I am required to surf websites to get contact information. While this is technically not "life offline", it is work-related and I'm doing my best to stay focused.

Once I get that part down, I hope to be able to establish a routine that lets me get the housework taken care of, too.

My New Year's Resolution turned out to be not so much a single resolution as a theme - Consistency and Stability. I'm aiming for some specific goals in the worlds of mental, emotional, and financial stability, and so far, I'm making noticeable progress. The steps I established are small but concrete, which means I can actually commit to doing them. Example: consistent bedtime and wake-up time, not just for the Monkey but for me as well.


Embroidery: got the drawing finished while I was down in South Carolina, and yesterday saw me in at JoAnn Fabrics picking out thread colors. Twenty-three different colors, if I counted right. Yeah, I still need a chaperone in the thread aisle, but damn, that was fun.

If I get time today, I'll get my fabric into the embroidery frame I received for Christmas, dig out my light board, and trace the design straight from the paper onto the cloth. I might even unbury my scanner to get you an image of the drawing itself.


Facebook is strange. I can easily spend way too much time there, which is why I usually avoid it, but every once in awhile someone will find me that I haven't heard from in a long time. For example, last night, I got into a nice chat with a guy from high school - which we graduated from nearly 20 years ago. The weirdest thing for me was talking to someone who is, you know, together and content with life. I don't think anything has been so effective at making me really look at all my mental baggage and realize how much of it I just don't need to carry. Weird.

Plus he's still kinda cute, too. I guess that happens when you're all happy and stuff.


  1. - my house has never been cleaner than when I religiously followed the Flylady. Also,

    Although there are a lot of good free resources for shopping lists and dinner ideas now... Even on Facebook.

    Beware the high school boys.


  2. I second that!!! I started the Flylady babysteps during our move last April. We're a long way from that "p" word, and not quite at 15-minutes-to-company ready, but it's certainly better than it was.