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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Henna days are here again

In brief:
Mosey Down Main Street was a success as always - this time I had a goal to earn enough to cover my booth fees for the west-side Farmer's Market season, and I met it with lunch money to spare.  I'll be at every Mosey with decent weather, so far as I know, and I'm working right now with TAF to see about getting included in the Gallery Walks, and possibly even the Taste of Tippecanoe.

As for the Farmer's Market, I got the contract approved yesterday within ten minutes of submitting it, so it looks like I will be setting up tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing people there!

Also, I got a phone call from the organizer of Global Fest, and as soon as she introduced herself I said, "Hi there, I'm in!"  But she was still talking, so I had to wait for her to actually reach the part where she, y'know, asked me if I wanted to be part of the festival again this year.  Then I repeated myself.  Heh.  Mutual happiness all around.

I'm sleepy, and have other things to take care of, but I wanted to at least post this much.  For those of you who would like more frequent updates, please consider "following" and/or subscribing to my Twitter account.

Cheers, and see you tomorrow.

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