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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still here, still ... here...

In case any readers were wondering if this blog was still updated - it is; I just have been have some problems with motivation lately, and haven't felt like I was doing anything to really crow about.

I've gotten some good henna fun in at the Farmer's Market, the downtown Mosey Down Main Street, and most recently at my kid's preschool/daycare, where I slapped some henna down on about 40-45 kids plus their teachers, while trying to provide about 30 seconds' worth of education. I've been able to make credit card payments for a change, which is making me happy. The data entry is so hard to keep myself motivated to do, even with the post-it note on my monitor telling me how much I still owe on the card.

Within the next week or two, I'm going to be creating a kind of brochure that I will keep available here on the blog for potential customers to look over - just check out the categories section, where it will be labeled as conspicuously as I can make it.


Completely unrelated to anything, I have a new imaginary friend. I say "imaginary friend" because it sounds so much nicer than "stalker-like obsession"... see, my imaginary friend looks and sounds JUST like Robert Downey, Jr., though I'm willing to bet that the imaginary version and the actual living breathing guy don't have all that much else in common.

Has anyone else noticed the trailer for the Sherlock Holmes movie, coming out Christmas Day, which just happens to star Downey in the lead role? Complete coincidence, I swear. Also, it's cruel to tease me with a movie I really want to see, that is more than six months away - which it was, when the trailer first came out. Big meanieheads, anyway.


I want to take a brief moment to put in a plug for Uniquely Yours pottery and glass studio, over on the east side of town. I'd been doing a lot of stuff over at All Fired Up before the shop changed ownership, and now I find that Uniquely Yours has the more nifty atmosphere; they have a few things you can do there that All Fired Up doesn't offer (so far as I know), plus a little kids area where you can chuck the little ones if they're not interested in painting with you. They'll even play DVDs for the kids if you bring something in.

Anyway, the kid and I have been in there now and checked it out, and I have a piece on display, which should surprise no one. I love to paint the stuff, my ego enjoys having it on display, and this way I don't have to bring it home into my already-cluttered house. Wins all around.


That's it for the time being; I have an appointment for later this evening to sling some more henna, and as long as the weather holds I'll be at the Farmer's Market tomorrow and every Wednesday. Hope to see you all there, especially my growing base of regular customers - you all make me happy every time I see you.


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