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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Henna absence - noooooooo!

Well, everyone, it had to happen sooner or later.

This coming weekend is the July Mosey Down Main Street, and I will be in Wisconsin. I am disappointed about this because the Moseys are so much fun (and I get money and everything!), but the Wisconsin thing has been in the works for months, so...

The August Mosey is iffy for me right now, because I'll be on my way back from Pennsylvania, and might not get back in any shape to do henna, much less in time.

The September Mosey is opposite Global Fest, held at the Morton Community Center, and you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be over there instead. Last year was crazy, and I'm not about to miss this year's.

However, you can look for me at the Farmer's Market tomorrow in my shiny new EZ-Up shelter. It's definitely built to be sturdier than the last one, and hopefully less prone to wind damage. I have a brand new batch of henna waiting for test subjects, I mean clients. The test patches I did on myself look very, very promising.


Embroidery is happening. I'm doing tree trunks at the moment, trying to get all the boring neutral colors out of the way so I can start putting in some greens and reds and fun stuff like that.

At the moment, the embroidery is even more fun than usual, because The Husband has a small project he is working on, as well. It's a gift, so I can't talk about it more than that, but it's nice to have something that we can sit down and do together. When we're on the computer, we're usually not facing one another, much less talking while we do our separate things. With this, we keep up conversation and show off our work and all that.

Embroidery as marital aid... I can just see someone writing up an Expert BS Article on that.

I'm considering getting or making some kind of peg-board just so I can display all the embroidery thread skeins I have, up on the wall where they'd kind of count as decor, and add some color to a fairly bland space. I haven't cleared space to work in the studio in too long, and it shows.


I recently rediscovered my mind-mapping account over on (no "e") and I've been trying to use it to get a handle on my life. Probably the project management apps at either TaskWriter or Todoist would work better for that, but I like the pretty colors at

Of course, this also keeps me from "having the time" (oh darn) for data entry or actually working on the projects that the apps are supposed to be helping me manage... hmm.


Watch this space for henna "brochures" that I hope to keep permanently accessible via the category tags on this page. You should just be able to click on "info" or "brochure" or whatever and get the main information about booking me, about henna body art in general, and about henna safety.

"Safety?" I hear you say. "I didn't know henna had a safety concern!"

So, to keep you from freaking out, here is the short version:

Public Service Announcement: If anyone is trying to sell you "black henna", say NO. At best, you're looking at a mix of henna and indigo, but it's much more likely that you're looking at black hair dye. Hair dye is not intended for use on bare skin, and it can leave scars. If you really want to see some good gross-out photos, you can follow this link, but you might prefer taking my word for it.

I do not, have not, and will never use anything other than pure henna powder, along with other safe ingredients. Feel free to ask me for my ingredient list, anytime, or to request a special batch made without a particular ingredient (ie, without lemon juice, or without a specific essential oil to which you are allergic).

Anyway, there's more information on safety that I will include in the brochure, but those are the basics. It occurred to me that if I mentioned safety, I'd better clarify or people would freak out.


The flowers that I got from the hardware store? Some of them we got for a quarter because they were teeny, scraggly things and the lady just wanted to get rid of them. Yeah, they're blooming now. This makes me happy.

Till next time, y'all.

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