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Monday, May 3, 2010

Brochure #2: Booking information

So, you'd like to have some henna done, and the Farmer's Market isn't convenient.  Go ahead and drop me an email or give me a call*, and I'll ask you the following questions.

  • Where will we get together?
    • I do not have a storefront apart from my seasonal booth at the Sagamore West Farmer's Market.  I will be happy to come to your home, or to meet somewhere neutral such as a coffeehouse, restaurant, or other party location.
    • In the event that the booking takes place outside Tippecanoe County, I reserve the right to charge for gas/mileage expenses.
  • When do you need me?
    • I am available every weekday except Wednesdays, usually on fairly short notice, although I prefer at least three days' advance notice for my bookings.  For Saturdays and Sundays, you will need to call me at least 7 days in advance so that I can arrange my schedule accordingly.
  • How long will you need me?
    • This is an important consideration when you are planning your booking.  Each henna design takes a certain length of time to apply; naturally, the actual length of time depends on the design's size and complexity.  If you want me to cover two dozen guests in an hour, be prepared for small, cute and simple.
    • Another factor which is often overlooked is what I call the "pace" of the party.  At an especially laid-back event, it can take fifteen minutes or longer for a guest to wander over to my chair and get their design.  If you don't mind having the party run long, that's not a problem; however, if you'd like to be able to kick your guests out at a reasonable hour in the evening, we'll need to work together to keep my client chair occupied!
  • How many people will be there?
    • If you only plan to have yourself and maybe one other person with you, you are a "private appointment", with no minimum fee.  Four or more clients count as a "party", with a minimum fee of $30 for the event.
      • The minimum fee is a "safety net" for me, which I have yet to use.  It works like this: Let's say you plan to have 12 guests at your party, but then only a few people actually show up.  If for some reason I can't earn at least $30 from those guests, then you (the host) would be responsible for covering the difference.
  • How would you like to pay? (For parties of four or more)
    • Informal In an "informal" setting like a moms' group or ladies' night, the host arranges for me to be there, and each client pays for their own henna design. As long I am able to earn my $30 minimum, the host will not need to pay for anything extra, other than whatever henna you want for yourself.
    • Formal In a "formal" setting, such as a bridal shower or birthday party, the host and I agree in advance on a set amount of henna per person, which the host will pay for. (Example: a bridal shower where the hostess arranged to cover $10 per guest.) If a guest wants henna beyond the pre-set cost, they can cover the difference themselves.  This way the host will not have any unexpected costs, and guests wanting extra henna for themselves won't have to pay the full price.
    • I accept either cash or checks; my business is not equipped to process credit cards.

*My contact information:

heather DOT bungardjanney AT gmail DOT com

I hope to hear from you!


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