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Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've managed to do enough cleaning at my computer desk – barely – to unbury the scanner and get a decent image of the embroidery project I keep telling everyone about.  I'm picking up momentum now, as more and more of the design gets finished and I get excited about seeing what I can do next.

This is just a thumbnail, so if you want to see a larger image, go ahead and click on it.

embroidery091909Darling daughter was home all this past week sick and miserable, which meant I wasn't allowed to get more than ten feet from her at any given time.  We discovered I could cuddle and sew at the same time, which is why the little girl is complete.

I've been informed that the ground will have "mud first, then grass on top of the mud and then flowers on top of the grass.  Bluebells."  We'll see about the flowers, although the grass accents sound nice and would be consistent with some manuscript images I've seen in this style.

Um, for people who need to know such things, this is cotton embroidery floss, two strands, on cotton fabric – muslin, I think.  The only stitches are outline aka stem stitch, and split stitch, except for the shoes which are satin stitch.  The background will be done in satin stitch as well, but you'll get more detailed information when I actually get to that stage.


Darling daughter is now recovered and looking forward to seeing all her friends tomorrow in preschool.  I, however, had a night of unbelievable insomnia coupled with unbelievable fatigue today – as in, I was able to catch a nap and get caught up on the sleep I missed, but I'm still wiped out and wanting to crash even before the kid's bedtime.


Out of curiosity, how many people read these blog posts here at Little Fiddly Bits, and how many are just catching the feed via Facebook or elsewhere?  Feedburner says I'm not getting any traffic, but I'm getting enough comments elsewhere that I have a feeling it's not seeing something it should.

Cheers, y'all.


  1. I read you in Google Reader. Try going to and setting up your feed so that you can see your stats there, too. I was astonished that my feed reaches twice as many people as actually visit Pretty Babies' website.

    Glad the big girl is feeling better!

  2. Um, how do I do that? Don't laugh - I'm searching everywhere on this site and not seeing it. It may just be that I need a nap, or it may be that I'm not as much of a nerd as I like to think. *grin*