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Monday, October 19, 2009

End of the season

Well, henna is winding down for the season, at least for us Western folks - there are a couple of big holidays coming up yet in Islam between now and the end of December - but the farmer's market will be closing the week after this, and I don't have anything else lined up just yet.  I'm considering the indoor fall/winter market that is being proposed over in Elmwood Plaza, but I still have several questions for the organizers and they've been slow to respond.

For the record, data entry isn't nearly as fun as putting henna on people, so don't you want to help me out here?  Of course you do.


The prairie grass is gone, the clay masquerading as soil has been hacked into a less cratered surface, a couple bags of potting soil have been spread over the top of that - it's pretty much bulb planting time.  The challenge will be to remember to hold a few back for my daughter to plant All By Herself.

I've been up off my behind for the past few days, and it's getting to where it feels good - there's a threshold there, I'm sure other people have noticed, when you've been geting not enough exercise for way too long?  Where the inertia is telling you to go sit down and get some potato chips, and moving is the last thing on your mind, even when you're already up and moving?  Yeah. If you can just suck it up till you're over that hump, it gets way easier.

(Thus Spake The Not-Actually-Exercising Exercise Guru.)

Point being, the stiff muscles just feel like they need to be warmed up now, instead of being put back to bed, and I'm plotting my next moves in the garden eagerly, as opposed to whining that I'll have to get up and get all sweaty and stuff.  However: I went back to bed this morning after seeing the kiddo off to preschool with her daddy, and the next thing I knew it was noon.  I mean, it was good sleep, but jeez.


Let's see, running through my "tag" list... I was flattered to get an email asking for information and tips on putting together some mosaics that a friend wants to make for her own garden.

A few days ago, my daughter and I modified her school "scarecrow" project and made princesses (you glue paper shapes to the edge of a paper plate that has a face on it).  We used the paper I bought ages ago for origami, and every time I use the phone downstairs the book I have with so many bazillion origami patterns in it is now staring at me from its spot on the shelf.

Darling daughter's closet and dresser have a lot more room in them now that the stuff she's outgrown is out of the way...

I finished outlining the leaves in the ongoing epic embroidery project and discovered that using the dark green was a bad idea.  So I got to rip all that out and I'm now doing it over in black. Sigh.


And that's all I can think of for the time being.   Cheers, y'all!

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