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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Post-Octoberfest recovery

Well, the festival was an utter disappointment in many, many ways.  The weather and resulting low turnout were a part of that, but the rest will have to wait until I've gotten the opportunity to speak with the festival organizers.  I'm wondering if I'd have been more forgiving if the weather had been nicer, or if maybe I've just been spoiled by the way previous events have gone for me.

Regardless, I have a big new batch of henna waiting for people to let me use it on them, and a discount that will continue till the end of the month for anyone who brings me one of my old business cards.  That thought cheers me, and the Indigo Girls in my ears right now are helping more then they will ever know... although I could send them an email... I guess...


It's a very old line from a very old Steve Martin routine - back when he still did stand-up comedy, which ought to give you some idea how old - but I still hold it to my heart as a Law of the Universe:  It is impossible to be depressed around banjo music.


Daughter and I have made a habit of getting her a little snack right before bedtime, so she doesn't wake up hungry at 1am.  At her request, a new part of this routine is that I sit at the couch and work on the embroidery while she plays with her yogurt and eventually gets it all into her tummy.  So progress is in the "very slow, but steady" category.  Right now I'm working on the ground the figures are standing on.  That's right - I'm stitching dirt.

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