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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little of this, little of that…

The following is likely to be a little disjointed, because I'm very tired and have a lot of random… stuff… going on in my head.  You've been warned.


First and foremost, though, I need to let folks know that I will not be at the Farmer's Market this Wednesday.  The Daughter has been taking a kiddie-level gymnastics and ballet class, and they're giving a "performance" for all the parents.  Husband offered to take video for me, but this is not something I intend to watch second-hand if I can help it.

I'm not that great a fan of gymnastics; I am, however, a huge fan of my kid.

Be seeing you next week, weather willing.


I realize most of the Internet-surfing world likes to download their music, anymore, but since I'm now actually old enough to be able to talk about The Younger Generation, I've decided I have the right to be crotchety and old-fashioned at will (although I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that owning a compact disc is old-fashioned, seeing as I was around when they were invented).  I like owning CDs.  I like having a cabinet full of them.  It's anybody's guess which of us brought the larger music collection into the marriage, me or The Husband – it's hard to tell since we both brought a number of cassette tapes with us – but I daresay my personal stash is bigger now, after working for five years for an arts presenter and getting lots of free autographed CDs as thank-you gifts from well-fed musicians.

I mention this because I'm listening to Pandora Radio as I write (see, I can be hip and with-it too) and making a mental list of CDs I need to own soon.  And I don't care that I'm probably way, way outside Lady Gaga's target demographic.  I was around when Madonna was invented, after all.

Also, Hans Zimmer is a living god.  If you've never heard of him, that's okay, because you've probably heard of the movies Gladiator and Sherlock Holmes, and he composed (and performed on) the soundtracks for those among many others.

Have I mentioned my birthday is coming up in less than a week?


I know I've said before that being around pretty colors, if those colors are for sale in any shape or form, usually means I need a chaperone and someone else to hang onto my wallet.

Have I mentioned that I work at a greenhouse?  And at the moment, practically everything is in bloom?

I've had to make myself promise not to buy anything more until I've finished planting what I've already got… but at least I get a wicked employee discount.


I've got an odd schedule this week, with three days off in a row.  I've been hoping to get a little space like this where I could get some things done around the house, so guess what I did today?

Pretty much not a damn thing.

This never feels good, and I do it anyway, and I hate it when I do it, and that won't stop me from doing it again.  I mean, I hit the hardware store and bought some stuff I needed, but that's pretty much it. No laundry folded (my kid deserves a room she can actually play in and not to have to hunt for clean clothes), no dishes put away, none washed, no recycling run to the center, nothing planted… oh, although Daughter and I did water them this morning and she and I both enjoyed that.


Pause to try and cuddle Daughter as part of her bedtime routine – enter argument about whether or not she gets to have any kind of snack after she's brushed her teeth.  I. Freaking. Hate. This.  I'm tired, I slept for crap, haven't had much appetite today, am unhappy that I got nothing done, and now I've got a whiny argumentative overtired monkey trying to rearrange reality: "No those aren't the rules, Mommy, the rules are pretzels, I waaaaaaannnt pretzelllllllllllls…"

I'm a better mommy when I've had rest and am not irritated with myself.


I'm a lot less depressing to read when I've gotten some food into me, I promise.  But once I've finished eating I intend to crash, and hopefully get some real sleep tonight.  Last night, heat and the need for a midnight snack had the kiddo awake, and therefore had me awake, three separate times, none of which were the usual wake-up time around this house.  At least it was light out for the last one, but I wanted to still be in bed, not dragging on a pair of shorts and trying to work my head around deep concepts such as Feeding The Child Is Important, or No Going To Preschool Naked.

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