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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Henna and other things

If you like, I could enter the obligatory, "gosh, it's been such a long time, I'm really sorry, insert reason here" paragraph, but honestly – it's been life.  Getting temp assignments (aka work with a real paycheck attached!), getting a kid who's sick and crazy or healthy and loopy, procrastinating, following some other obsession (Hello, Eminem, shall I call you Mr. Nem?), and sometimes just plain guilt that I haven't posted in so long, have all taken their turns at various points to keep me away from the blog.


I try to keep this blog focused on the creative side of my life and not all the other boring, mundane, and/or angst-depression-emo-girl stuff.  So.  Life has kept me from doing anything other than post to Twitter for some time, and if you want details, you can follow that.


I'd like to take a moment to thank the Phi Mu sorority at Purdue for a lovely time this past Tuesday evening.  Get the rude jokes and sorority-girl references out of your system if you must; they were hosting a welcome-back party for the sisters and invited me to sling the henna.

Five hours and nearly forty women later… (oh, all right, even I admit there's no way to avoid the innuendo in that one) –

Anyway, I was able to draw lots of Greek letters, pretty viney things, and cover more ankles than I have in a long time.  My default at the farmer's market tends to be designs on hands.  This time around there were a lot of requests for designs up along the base of the neck, and quite a few on the inside of the wrist.  I grant that the wrist is a nice feminine spot to put something, but I have no idea whether the ladies got any color to their designs.  They've promised me pictures, though, so here's hoping.


The August Mosey has come and gone, and some of my customers were gracious enough to pass along photos that they took while I was working.  So here they are, with thanks to Cynthia:

2010 August Mosey Cynthia Shoulder1

2010 August Mosey Cynthia Shoulder2

My next appearances will be this week's farmer's market (as always, assuming the weather cooperates), and the Morton Center Global Fest this Saturday the 4th.  At the moment, it looks like the September Mosey has chosen to shift weekends – it would ordinarily fall on the 11th – so that it conflicts with Global Fest, again, but if that changes then I will be able to attend both events.  Otherwise, I'll be slinging ten hours' worth of henna at the climate-controlled Morton Center, rather than five hours' worth outdoors at the Mosey.


Probably I should unbury the scanner long enough to take a picture of the embroidery.  I've been putting off working on that for awhile now, also, but it's looking so, so cool.  Let's look for that in my next post, mmkay?  For now, I've got life to get back to in the form of laundry and dishes.

(See, aren't you glad I leave that stuff off my list of things-worth writing-about?)

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