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Friday, November 19, 2010

About my child

For reasons of personal and Internet security, my husband and I don't discuss our child online.  There's the whole pedophile thing, but there is also the simple fact that in her future, job applications and interviews will almost certainly come with a Google search in addition to today's criminal background check, drug screens, and such.  Even now people are losing their jobs over pictures posted online, Facebook pages showing a bit too much of your personality, and so forth.  So. If you pay attention, you'll eventually discover that we have a daughter, but we try not to use her name, and until today there have been absolutely NO pictures of her uploaded to the Internet.  No matter how awesome we think she is, we don't intend to put any videos on YouTube or anything like that.  That kind of thing needs to be under her control and with her consent.

Yes, I said "until today".

You see, our child loves to take pictures.  She is forever begging to use my phone, or her dad's, or our digital camera, to take pictures of anything and everything she finds interesting.  Some of her visions turn out to be black, or hopelessly blurry (or pink and blurry as when she did the extreme close-up study of her favorite stuffed animal).  A few of them, however, turn out really nicely.  I have a post coming up where nearly all the photos of me working on my mosaic were taken by her.

She also loves self-portraits.  Here, for the first time ever on the World Wide Web, is my Beloved Child:


When she was smaller, she wasn't coordinated enough to both aim the camera and push the button, such that a lot of pictures she meant to take of me, or her stuffed animals, or anything else, unintentionally became photos of her feet.  Eventually she got the hang of things, obviously, and in fact she recently figured out how to make funny faces and take pictures of herself at the same time.  But we told her about all the inadvertent shots she took of her toes, and she thought this was hilarious, so now she does it on purpose.


What? Did you really think after all that lead-in about respecting privacy and Internet safety, I was going to show you her face?


Talk to the foot.


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