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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Couple brief announcements

Okay, first, the farmer's market season starts next week if you can believe it.  I almost can't, which is probably why I still haven't actually gotten my signed contract and booth fee in to the right people so that I have official permission to show up.  Yes, I plan to fix that tomorrow.


Before that, though, there is a bellydance seminar called Mirage Caravan, with workshops and performances taking place this weekend, to benefit the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation.  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a very weird and rare thing that affects the collagen in a person's body.  Sometimes this means that their skin can't hold together and tears easily. Sometimes it means that organs won't hold together, and a sudden sneeze or laugh can actually break things inside and kill the person.  And sometimes it means that the person's cartilage is extremely loose, such that they can go to sleep and wake up in the morning with dislocated ribs.  That last version is the kind that the event's organizer lives with, and she tells me that it's the least serious of the three, but still quite painful and inconvenient on the better days.  I didn't know that a person actually could dislocate their sternum, but apparently if your cartilage is loose enough, you can.

I will be slingin' the henna at a social a couple days before the event, so local performers can get all prettied up in time to allow the designs to darken to their peak color on Friday or Saturday.  I'll also be vending on Saturday, and slingin' again at an after-party to be held Sunday.

I have high hopes for my credit card bill this month.  And yes, there's a whole soapbox there about how I don't like having to think in such a mercenary fashion about something I enjoy, but there it is.  It's a debate that has raged among artists especially, that I have seen at least, for some time - how ought one feel about charging money for something that is inherently rewarding just to do?  But that's not an announcement and I am genuinely trying to stick to the damn topic for once (heh), so let's save it for later.


Finally, I know I keep promising to post pictures of the calligraphy project that I did recently.  I spent today scanning some of the background and prep-work pages - sketches, text mockups, things like that - so that I could include them when I go to describe the process.  Unfortunately, by the time I finished everything it was (is) nearly 11pm and I'm tired.  Trust me, if you don't do a blog of your own, or write elsewhere, putting all this together takes time.  I've put a couple hours into posts before now when they were especially image-heavy, and I assure you, this one will be one of those.

Tomorrow.  Really.  I mean it.  After I turn my contract in to the farmer's market people at City Hall.


Finally, I still need a job, and I still hate the job search process.  I'm just tossing the thought onto the waves of the Internet Ocean and letting it drift where it will.  And no, that isn't the ONLY thing I'm doing to find work.  Sheesh.


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  1. BJ LOVES rockets. Loves them. We're going on vacation ... and we're going to see rockets.

    Does that mean he shouldn't get paid to work with them?

    Or, in a perfect world, would we all love the work that paid us as much as we love our hobbies?

    (Please figure out how I can get paid to read books.)