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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For those who are curious, I've been on Facebook a lot lately.  I used to avoid it in favor of Twitter, but then this gaming thing came up and the character-creation thing and so on and so on.  I've been posting short tidbits about the calligraphy project over there, if anyone is interested.

It's if anyone who comes here is curious to know about what is over there.  Frankly, the blog just doesn't get that many visitors as far as I've been able to tell; that and I put a constraint on myself to leave my personal life out of this arena and try to keep it dedicated to creative pursuits.  I don't know that ranting about politics would get me any more henna customers, after all. So I haven't had a whole lot that I wanted to post about, in recent months.

Lately, though, I've had things I wanted to say that have nothing to do with marketing henna.  I've had rants, and musings, and whatnots (I hereby declare "whatnot" to be a category of ideas), and I've been keeping myself from posting them here.  I have this odd dilemma going on, in that I've wanted an audience to hear what I have to say, but - if this makes sense - I didn't want my friends and family to know they were mine.

It isn't that I'm ashamed of my ideas.  I'm just a: not in the mood to argue my opinions, b: not in the mood to be judged by family or disagreed with by friends, and c: maaayybe, interested in just presenting the ideas on their own without "me" attached to them.  That last is less crucial than the other two reasons, but it still holds some weight in my head - a thought coming from a random schmuck is received differently than if it came from the President, or your best friend, or someone you're fighting with, or someone you adore.  I dunno - maybe that does mean I'm ashamed of my ideas a little bit, or at least, unwilling to be seen in the same room as them.  Mostly I want to rant about Stupid Freaking Daylight Saving Time and not have to argue with people who think it's just awesome.

You ever have that happen?  You want an audience, but you don't want them to know your name? What would you talk about if you could be completely anonymous?


In other news, calligraphy, and oh by the way one of my uncles is dying of cancer and will probably be gone by the end of the week.  And Barbara Sher Who Is Awesome (if that isn't her full name, it ought to be), popped over and commented on my last post and told me I'm "nourishing," so now I feel like maybe I should say something more often.  Even when I don't know that I have anything to say.

Hm. Maybe I should write more for the Internet and less for "is my mom going to see this?"... but again, marketing.  Trying to get henna bookings.  Doesn't go well with my latest philosophy on porn.  Or politics.  Or whining about relationships.  Or, well, whining about much of anything, really.

Gah.  It's 11:21 and I'm rambling, because I feel like I should. Bedtime would be wiser.


  1. Hi Heather,
    I understand what you mean about posting views without a lot of people in your circle getting in your literal virtual space. It's rare that I even post anything about politics or religion because a.) I tire of people getting into flame wars on my facebook page; and b.) I really do not want other people knowing my views anymore. Like you, I tire of defending them. But anyhoo, keep doing your thing and being your authentic self, because you rock! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about expressing yourself outside your "normal" environment! I used to have an anonymus blog for my rants :)