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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something I don't understand

There's something I don't understand: How is it that a person can have the blues long enough to sing the blues, but upon hearing the blues, they no longer have the blues?  At what point in the middle of your blues singin' do the blues go away, and after that point, are you still really singin' the blues?

And if not, what do you call it?

And if you're not really singin' the blues, wouldn't that be enough to give you the blues all over again?

(guitar riff)
If you not really singin' -- if you not really singin' the blues....
I said if -- if you're not really singin' the blues...
If you not singin' the blues, won't that just  - give you the blues all over agin?
(more guitar riff)

It's like Heisenberg, man... .I'm speakin' to you here, listen now
Some kind of blues paradox goin' on, messin' wit the space-time continuum
Messin' wit mah head
Messin' wit blues, man, and that's just not right

Is it like a standin' wave of blues, or is it more like...
like Schroedinger's blues?
Man, you got Schroedinger's blues, you never know if you comin' or goin'

'Cause you both.


Yep.  That's my brain, doing what it does best, right there... sometimes I feel like I'm just along for the ride the same as you, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Also, I'm not sure if this is more evidence for the theory that quantum physics really is about everything, or if it's just proof that blues music goes well with everything.  It is, however, an excellent demonstration of what happens when I free associate and try to get philosophical while listening to the blues.  Only silliness can result.

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