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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stuff I have taken up since my last post

  • Weaving. I built a loom. Now I'm making things on it. I'm not actually very good at it, but it's fun and I'm learning. I wanted to understand how weaving worked, and that part I have succeeded at.
  • Choir, although actually I think I was in that at the time of my last post, so never mind.
  • Calligraphy again, as part of a project called "Calf to Codex" which will make an authentic medieval book in honor of the SCA's 50th anniversary this summer. Everything is being done as accurately to period as possible. I don't even have a pencil; I have a stick of lead.
  • Editing, still.
  • Henna, still, although I'm having some doubts about starting up the next Mosey season. I'm getting tired and out of shape and my back kills me after every Mosey, from the lifting and setting up.
  • Writing, fanfic. And getting rave reviews. When someone tells you you're their favorite author out of hundreds in a fandom, that's... wow. I might even work up the courage to try some original work.
  • Revamping my aquarium, with live plants and more fish and a new cabinet and lighting and the whole shebang. I blew a whole lot of money in just one weekend, but it was worth it. Tank looks amazing (even if the plants do hate our tap water and have decided to die slowly).
Let me know if you're interested in hearing about any of these things in greater detail. I'm struggling not to do the cliche apology for the delay since my last post, etc etc. So I'll leave you with this instead.

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