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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Eleven days of scribal madness

Holy cow, I started this thing on the 4th?

Is been so fun watching the piece come together, from a blank piece of paper through pencil sketches to the current incarnation:

The scroll, with all the surrounding chaos that makes up my current work space.

I finished the blue today, laid in the green, and then got bored and decided to add all the ridiculous detail to the two main capitals and finish them. They're might be a smidgen of shading to add to either of them, but right now I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. Here's one:

Compare the difference that just a really fine outline makes to the overall look over the initial.

I've got another capital on there that I'm holding off on sharing for a bit. I want the recipient to still have some surprises left when they actually get the finished piece.

Mostly today I worked in "Ridiculous Scale", which is a bit like Ludicrous Speed except for where it's completely not. Here's a closeup to give you an idea:

And since someone asked, here are my tools, to give you an idea of how small I'm able to work.

From left to right, my pencil, big brush (size 4 round), an old size 0 that is too scruffy for details but makes a good mixing brush, and something that claims to be a size 0 but I'm not sure i believe it given how fine it goes. Hairline strokes. Lovely, as long as the paint consistency is right.

Oh, and the paint consistency was great today: this dragon is roughly 3/4 inch long from front paw to tail tip.

Hopefully I will be able to post this without any problems. That's a lot of images for one post from my phone.
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