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Friday, January 6, 2017

New calligraphy project

I'm trying to blog from my phone for the first time, so let's see if this works.

This is a text mockup for a backlog scroll I'm working on. The award is for badassery on the battlefield, and this recipient is so badass he was actually given the award twice. So the text is over 200 words long.

I use graph paper and work really small scale to get a feel for the overall layout of the piece. The are also some doodles here of what will become the main artwork of the piece, a big honkin' battle scene that will run across the bottom of the scroll.

And this is the actual scroll, with all the boring bits taken care of. Precise measurements never seem to work on this paper, maybe because I'm praying for exact 90 degree angles and they don't have any. The paper is certainly good enough for artwork, but sometimes you need to do a little engineering first, and my perfectionism days this paper needs tighter tolerances. (Or, more likely, I need to get better at measuring things.)

Calligraphy will begin after lunch.

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